Answer from Liverpool – Grüße aus dem Homeoffice Tag 37.2 von Madeleine Cordes

Hello Madeleine,

thanks for the letter. Me and my family are fine here in Liverpool, too, and we’re healthy. I agree with you on many points. It’s exhausting to be at home for so long and not be able to do anything. But after all, we all do this not only for ourselves, but also for each person, especially for the risk groups. Because of this thought, the “isolation” is a little easier. Still, I miss my grandparents and my cousins. I’d like to be with them and spend time with them, but we can only do phone calls. But, it’s better than nothing, isn’t it? Always look positive. 😉
I will definitely see them again soon.
Still, I’m not feeling so good. Cause I’m worried, and I’m a little scared, too. As you know, my parents have pretty important jobs. My mother’s a nurse and my father is a police officer. Both have to work, and I’m at home alone with my two younger sisters, Emily and Kate, and it’s starting to get exhausting.
But actually, I’m more scared for my parents, especially for my mother. What if she gets infected? My mother is surrounded by infected people, isn’t she? What happens then? Does she infect us too? This and much worse can happen… I don’t like to think about it. I should rather think positive or Madeleine? Yes, I should. Megan, stay positive!
So, since my sisters and I have been home alone and away from school, we’ve been spending a lot of time together, which we don’t normally do. So that’s nice. We bake, just like you, together, play games or watch movies. Together time just goes around much faster. 🙂
Besides, I’ve been thinking a lot. Because of Corona, I could think about many things and life in general. I reflected my life and had to think about certain moments. That’s why I’ve decided to change something, a few things. I want to do things differently, make things better somehow. I want to reinvent myself and see where this path leads. It’s a way I wanna go.
Because this virus has made me realize that we don’t have that much time in life and that something bad can happen at any time. So why not live your best life? I have redefined my priorities and set clear goals.
I’m even quite sure that many people have thought about their lives now and that many people have changed and will change. Change in the way of thinking, feeling, living. And that’s great? Make something good out of something bad!
Maybe it is a sign and an opportunity that we should all take advantage of. It doesn’t matter what we could have done differently in the past or what might happen in the future. Because we live now, right now, and that’s a good thing. So we all need to think about what we can really change and influence?
This is a great message that everyone should actually hear.

I hope you and your family are still well and that you will survive the time well. I’ll contact you in a few months. 🙂

Take care of yourself!

Lovely Greetings from Liverpool


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