Lyrisches Intermezzo 2. Von Nele Grabs

The constant feeling of being not enough

It‘s there and i know

Oh I know

It won’t go away for a long time

I just can’t accept it now

It’s something I have to deal with

It’s something that makes me feel like shit

But it’s okay

The troubles i‘ve made my whole life are the reason why I am now who I am

I deserve it

I‘m sorry for what i‘ve put you through

Please blame me for your feelings

It’s all my fault

And i don’t wanna stand in your way

I feel like shit but


Don’t worry

The mask i‘ve put on for the past nine years will continue to be on my face

I don’t want to be a burden to you

That’s something you don’t deserve

It’s all my fault

When you read this

You may know how I feel

Or not

I don’t know

It may be over someday

But for now I still can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel

I‘m stuck here in this place where I know everyone but don’t even know myself

What a pity that you‘re not there

But it’s okay

I deserve it

Veröffentlicht von Drea Voe

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