Lyrisches Zwischenspiel … von Nele Grabs

I never knew that comparing myself to others

Trying to find happiness within them

Would bring me so much misery

Destroying the way I look at myself

Destroying the way I think

Or believe in me

Hoping to find a way to stop

Becoming crazy over little things

Overthinking everything

Just wanting to be

proud of who I am

Wanting someone who’s there

Not being judged by

Who won’t think I am crazy

And I think I would lie if I say

I don’t miss this person

The person I never had

Crazy to believe I know how my life works

Smashed down by everyone who passes me

Never knowing if I am worth it

Trying to believe the lies I tell myself

Not knowing who I am

A problem in this society

Have to know what I wanna do

When I’m out of this hell

Still uncertain which path I’ll choose

Don’t wanna get lost

But I think it’s too late to get found

Wanting a hand to hold

Wanting to be happy

Not constantly being reminded of what a fucking burden I am

Not being believed with how I feel

Cause everyone believed my lie

Believed that I was happy

When in reality I drowned

Drowned in the swamp of my thoughts

The voices I believe

They tell me to stop

Just let go they say

I’ve done my fight

Today I lost

No that’s not true

What will be tomorrow

I try to fight

Waves of insecurity hit me like a truck

Panic starts to creep inside my mind

Wanting to get out

Finding a way out

The only thing I want

Believing that misery is the only thing I can feel

The only thing I am allowed to feel

Is that even true

My journey just began

von unserer ehemaligen Mitarbeiterin Nele Grabs

Veröffentlicht von Drea Voe

Lehrerin an der Eichenschule in Scheeßel

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